We use our knowledge to execute your projects in an environmentally friendly manner, in due time, and with maximal financial success.

Passion for Safe Energy

Our range of service covers the entire process of project management and quality assurance in nuclear as well as (or and) conventional power plants including the planning, commissioning, maintenance, and decommissioning of power plants. We support you in every stage of your project.

Our "nuclear core competence"  is the implementation of the 4-stage approval procedure according to KEV and in compliance with guideline A04 from ENSI (Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate).

Our experts are experienced and have a broad knowledge which is needed to make crucial decisions concerning the implementation of machine technology in the nuclear sector. The customer decides where to place our expert from EQE in a project.

eqe -  Passion for Safe Energy

Scope of Services

Our service offer consists of:

  • Conducting an entire project scope as the sole general contractor
  • Project management of large-scale technical projects in nuclear and industrial power plants.
  • Initialize or take over individual work packages such as project management, creation of specifications, preparation of preliminary examination documents, construction supervision and coordination of non-destructive testing activities
  • Guidance during the conceptual as well as implementation phases


The following examples show how EQE uses its knowledge to the benefit of its customers:

  • Establish a concept for the acquisition of replacement parts for classified components in Swiss nuclear power plants.
  • Prepare specifications and verify new components or replacements
  • Interface with local authorities including the handling of release forms for ENSI
  • Establish pre-test documents for the plant operator or support the component supplier in the area of the creation of preliminary examination documents and application of Swiss regulations and standards.
  • Handle acceptance activities for suppliers or nuclear power plants during overhaul or re-fuelings
  • Perform and survey non-destructive testing (e.g. PT, UT, VT, RT, MT) during overhauls, reconstructions, or repairs.
  • Support suppliers with the proper acquisition and delivery of spare parts and replacements.
  • Customer-specific training in the field of nuclear power generation